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Today’s luxury consumer is time poor and in pursuit of personalisation. With an intrinsic understanding that this is what the market seeks with quality over quantity, Beyond Sarah was born. I understand that your time is precious, which is why I am devoted to delivering a prompt service that leaves you with time to do the things you love most.

My aim is to offer a bespoke service 24/7 that is truly personal, where your satisfaction is my main priority. As a result, you can reach me directly via WhatsApp.

Looking for a private villa in Marrakesh? Fancy attending a red-carpet event? Or looking for a personal trainer? Beyond Sarah has you covered.


Noticing that other large concierge companies often fail to meet member’s requests with quantity rather than quality, Beyond Sarah is leading the way with a refreshing objective that revolves around client satisfaction
— Luxury Lifestyle Magazine


As part of your membership, I am pleased to offer you the following benefits:


About me

With a Master’s degree in in Luxury Management from the International University of Monaco, I am a female entrepreneur based in London.

Having worked for some of the most prestigious concierge companies, I have developed a close network of the best suppliers in the industry on an International scale. These trusted relationships have allowed me to offer this unique offering to my members that is organic and built on trust and experience.

I wanted to offer a bespoke concierge service that is customer-centric. Therefore, I decided to create a Luxury WhatsApp Concierge where clients feel comfortable sending their requests on WhatsApp, even when travelling abroad. This way, no matter what activity my clients are doing, I am just a text message away ensuring that the service I provide exceeds their expectations. This method astutely breaks down barriers, allowing my members to feel at ease with instant updates.